The band

Katerina Konstantinou

Katerina Konstantinou · vocals

Katerina Konstantinou was born and raised in Athens. She is a graduate of the Music Lyceum of Pallini where she mostly studied Greek traditional music. She attended the class of Domna Samiou at the Ethnomusicological Centre of the Museum of Greek Folk Instruments "Phoebus Anogiannakis" in Plaka, for 3 years and she simultaneously attended the class of Epirus Polyphonic Singing with teachers Antonis Exarchos and Alexandros Lambrides. In recent years she has focused her studies on contemporary singing and vocal improvisation.

She has worked with artists such as Mariza Koch, Lakis Chalkias, Savina Giannatou, Yannis Palamidas, Sofia Papazoglou, Christos Tsiamoulis, Dimitris Kontogiannis, Giorgos Gevgelis, Kyriakos Gouventa, Tolis Harma, Nikos Filippidis, Christos Economidis, Nikos Chaldaiakis, Mikko Papadopoulos Laitinen, Demos Avdelios and others. She has sung poetry of renowned Greek poets that were set to music and composed by Christos Economides, compositions by Mikko Papadopoulos Laitinen with her own lyrics, as well as her own musical compositions. She writes lyrics and stories for children and adults.

She is also the creator of an experimental performance of a fusion of art and speech called "Crazy Milia", a performance based on her own texts with the active participation of the audience and artists. Where the equal time limited freedom of speech and expression found a hospitable space for development.

Dimitris Margaritis

Dimitris Margaritis · violin

Dimitrios Margaritis started to study the violin at the age of nine. In 1997 he received his Diploma in Violin Performance from the National Conservatory of Athens as well as his Bachelor in Physics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

In the year 2000 he was accepted into the class of Prof. Yuri Mazurkevich at Boston University College of Fine Arts and he graduated two years later earning his Master in Violin Performance. During these two academic years he was a member of the contemporary ensemble ALEA III which is directed by Theodore Antoniou and he was also a member of the Symphony Orchestra of Boston University which was conducted by famous directors such as Lukas Foss and Keith Lockhart (director of Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra). He participated in concerts that took place in Carnegie Hall, Seizi Ozawa Symphony Hall and Symphony Hall.

Since 2002, he has taught at the Hellenic Conservatory as well as at the music department of National Technical University of Athens N.T.U.A. and he is a member of Athens Municipality Symphony Orchestra. Recently, he published two books. The first one is a novel about Albert Einstein and his violin. The second one is a collection of short stories about famous musicians.

Stefanos Kozanis

Stefanos Kozanis · piano

Stefanos Kozanis started getting involved with music at a young age, first studying classical guitar, organ and music theory. During his engineering studies at the National Technical University of Athens, he simultaneously attended classical piano lessons with Athanassios Trikoupis and gained a soloist diploma. Always interested in jazz music, he attended lessons at the Athenaeum Conservatory with Giorgos Micros (jazz piano) and Sylvios Syrros (jazz improvisation), gaining the jazz piano performance and improvisation diploma. He gave several concerts as a classical pianist in Greece, he participated as a pianist in choirs, orchestras etc. In recent years he performed with several jazz artists in various venues of the Athenian jazz scene. He is a founding member of Nassia Gofa’s project “Nassia Gofa and the Jazz Tales” as the pianist and composer and recently released their album “Herkyna”. Besides piano performances, he composes music in a variety of musical genres, including jazz.

Kostas Patsiotis

Kostas Patsiotis · double bass

Kostas Patsiotis was born in 1989 in Athens. He started playing electric bass at the age of thirteen and studied music theory and other instruments in the Music School of Ilion . In 2007 he was accepted in the Music Department of Ionian University, where he entered the Jazz Program and gradually started bass lessons with accomplished double-bass teachers from Greece and abroad (Giorgos Georgiadis, Periklis Trivolis, Petros Klampanis, Manos Loutas, Olivier Gatto, Mark Abrams).

He was a participant and scholar at the “Summer Jazz Academy” 2009-2010, a program sponsored by Ionian University. He also participated in the 2nd IASJ Jazz Education Conference in 2010 in Corfu and in the 23rd IASJ Jazz Meeting 2013 in Denmark.

He has also attended seminars with: Karlheinz Miklin, Armen Donelian, Brent Sandy, Gilad Hekselman, Dimos Dimitriadis.

In 2019 he finished his diploma in classical doublebass at Attiko Odeion with Anastasios Kazaglis.

Since 2013 he has been collaborating with renowned Greek and International Jazz musicians such as: Giorgos Kontrafouris, Vasilis Rakopoulos, Jazz Tales, Giorgos Krommidas, Alexandros Ktistakis, Nikolas Anadolis, Katerina Polemi, Gregor Huebner, JD Walter, Maurice El Medioni, Diminuita Swing Trio, and more.

Nikos Sidirokastritis

Nikos Sidirokastritis · drums

Nikos Sidirokastritis was born in Athens, Greece in 1963. He grew up in an apartment anticipating Spring. In 1978 he began his practical relationship with music. He studied and listened to music from other places. Along his path he meets people, makes music with them, collaborates, makes friends, falls in love, starts a family, is happy - sad, is disappointed - hopeful, dreams, lands in reality, craves. He remains on the path. All this and more, he tries to carve into the silence with two pieces of wood.